Welcome Back Egypt


This is a message to the Whole World

EL-Hag Hadad First-Year Secondary StudentsSohag Governorate

Egypt lives a new era these days. It needs time to rebuild itself.
Thus, please wait until it comes back again!

On behalf of all students of Egypt
We invite you to come again and don't forget our dear country!


Don't say Farewell to Egypt!
It is the mother of the world and it deserves another chance.
That's why we have decided to carry out this project!
We are going to tell you a little bit about it.
It is just a way to convey all what we have in our hearts and minds for our dear home.

You will see many articles about the most wonderful sightseeing in Egypt!
You will find many videos either taken from YouTube or Created by my innovative students!

Come and See!

This is not the end of the story!
Students have also created many Glogs inviting you to the most wonderful places in the world.

external image glogfrontpage.png

Students didn't forget creating a Facebook Group to share their work with other students and teachers
from all over the world.

external image facebookfrontpage.png

Have A Nice Time With Us!
external image GlobeHandsSmall.jpg

Long Live Egypt

March - November 2011