A Window to the World

Dear teachers and students,

This wiki is mainly designed for sending an invitation to the whole world to come back to Egypt again. My students have done a lot of things for you. They have written a lot of essays about the most beautiful sightseeing in Egypt. They have created a lot of videos, glogs or posters, PPT presentations, brochures, podcasts and a Facebook group to share ideas.
After this wonderful experience, I can't stop my students. They want to collaborate and communicate with more and more students and teachers from all over the world. Tha's why I decided to launch a new page in our wiki called "A Window to the World" through which you can talk about your countries and cultures. You can write essays, create videos, glogs using Glogster, PPT presentations, brochures, join us in our Facebook Group .... or use any tool you like.
If you would like to collaborate with us, please "Join our Wiki" and tell me "Your Country" to add it here as a list with your name. You will have a page and you can then add your students .... feel free to ask any questions ... just click the "Discussion Tab" above and write your messages ....!!!!!!!!!!
Waiting for your reponses!!!!!!!
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Countries Participating