Hi Maria
Here is ur page. You can first introduce yourself to my students.
You can upload a photo for ur students with you or ur school.

If other students want to write about Argentina
You can write his or her name with the topic and link it to their page

It is easy

Follow these instructions:

1. Write the name, e.g,
Means of transport, Jane

2. Highlight Means of transport, Jane
3. Click "Link" above in the editor bar
4. Don't change anything, just click "Add Link"
5. Click save the page

After you read these instructions, delete them and start your page from Argentina.

You can add all students who want to collaborate.
You can edit your page and your students' pages if you joined our wiki.

Here is you student's page

Delete above and start ur introduction
Don't delete the following
Argentine Food, Maru