Typical foods & drinks from Argentina

Argentine cuisine is the combination of european cuisine and native foods. Some of them are partof the local gastrnomy such as the famous 'Asado'´(barbaque), locro, tamal, empanadas, dulce de leche and other jams and jellies.

Tamal argentino
Typical Asado

The characteristic infusion is 'mate', shared with our neighbours from Uruguay and Paraguay. The MATE is prepared with 'Yerba Mate leaves', which are previously dried, cut and granted. To make it taste sweet, some people add sugar to it, but it is not widely accepted. Finally you add hot water which should not be boiled.Mate word comes from 'matt' that means gourd in quechua language which is the fruit used as a bowl, that must be dried, cut and emptied. But nowadays, people use plastic, wood or metal dourds and a Bombilla.This infusion is a symbol of friendship and protagonist of many meetings where people share it.How to make mate

Dulce de leche is a sort of jam made with milk, a lot of sugar and vanilla. The sweetened milk should be heated while slowly mixed, until it gets thick and brown. It is commonly used is deserts, alfajores , ice creams and cakes.
Dulce de leche

Empanadas are made from bready dough and are stuffed with a salty or sweet mixture. The stuff can change depending on the area and also the size. Those from the north of the country are much smallers. Cuyo provinces add onion, potatoes and garlic to the meat or jam and cheese. Patagonic one are made from lamb meat and ir Buenos Aires, the typical stuff is chicken. The could be fried or baked

Pastelitos, sweet empanadas