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external image love_egypt.pngexternal image love_egypt.pngI'm Dalia Attia from sohag. I'm a student at EL-Hag Hadad secondary school. I am interested in playing with children, trying to repair anything and travelling with my family. I love my life. I want to be a doctor because this job is very useful for people. I want to give them treatment to recover them. I want to feel that I'm doing something useful for people and the important thing is that my family members hope to be a doctor as well. I want to achieve all their hopes. I want to ask tourists to come to Egypt because I love them so much and Egypt loves them too. Egypt is so sad because tourists forget about it, Please come to Egypt again. I want to tell tourists that the conditions in Egypt are very quiet and safe more than before. Miss Azhar is my English teacher. She has decided to do something for the mother of the world. She was talking to us in the class about her project. I shared her as soon as she asked us because I want to do something useful for Egypt. I chose to talk about Porto Marina.

Porto Marina

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Porto Marina Resort is the first project on the Egyptian North Coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It features the first International Yacht Marina on the eastern part of North Africa. The 500-berth options (up to 100 meters) marina is operated under the supervision of the reputable British Camper & Nicholsons Marina Ltd. Porto Marina was designed to enhance the nature and perception of the North Coast, and is considered the Mediterranean Gateway to Egypt. Whether our guests arrive by yacht, charter flights, car, or even by helicopter they will always find Porto Marina a welcoming gate into the wonders of Egypt.

Location of Porto Marina

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Porto Marina is located on the northern caost of Alexandria. It is about 230 kilometers from Cairo, 100 kilometrs from Alexandria, 60 kilometers from the airport of El Alamein, and 60 km from Borg EL Arab Airport .

Description of Porto Marina

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Porto Marina is a wonderful place overlooking the Marina Yacht, and along the promenade of the marina there are a lot of restaurants and cafes, the resort has a lot of services like shops, cinemas, banks, the weather was amazing, sunny and warm in the morning and the breathtaking beautiful. Port was built yachts of more than 1400 yachts. It is the first marina in Africa. If you go there, you will find:

  • A musement Park has been building full of water.

  • Private beaches for women only.

  • Yachts will take you from the platform of the city on tour in the same city where intersecting canals like those in Venice, Italy.

  • 5 hospitals for medical tourism centers supervised by the World Medical months.

  • A private school to teach diving Diving and the trainers from Switzerland.

  • Life will continue until there are five in the morning .. Where he sees tourists in front of the sea Cafes waiting the sunrise and take a tour in the most exquisite yachts.

  • Golf courses, tennis and playgrounds for children from age 4 to 12 years old, with special programs for children .... where mothers can leave their children there in safety, and by other courts for children from 12 to 16 years old and called the mini club.

Restaurants in Porto Marina

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City of Porto Marina has 15 restaurants on the latest level, such as Chili's restaurants, Johnny Karinoz, Alain Le Notre, Buenos, Retoin ..etc.

Porto Marina Mall

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The first mall in Marina and the North Coast hosts 80 of the top shops in Egypt. From men’s and women’s apparel to jewelers to café, every one in the family will satisfy their shopping needs. The Grand Canal, a gondola canal that runs through the mall, is the feature of the mall and where its name came from.

Sports in Porto Marina

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All sports and children’s activities are located outside the hotel in order to guarantee tranquility and privacy. These sports and activities include:

  • Extensive recreation areas and sports clubs.

  • Organized sports activities from the Animation Teams on each beach for everyone -from novice to expert3 tennis-clay courts at Fun Beach.

  • 2 water sports stations at the South Beach and the Fun serving the following: Water Ski - Banana Boat - Pedalos - Canoe - Trampoline - Jet Ski - Parasailing - Fishing - Boating - Catamaran .

  • Windsurfing Centre: the best equipment, professional instructors.

  • Mini Football Court Volley and Basket Ball ( Multi function Playground).

Rooms in Porto Marina

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The hotel includes 338 rooms. All rooms are furnished according to five star standards. The break down is as follows: 1 Presidential Suite1, Captain Suite3, Royal Suite3, Junior Suites5, Executive Suites325. Standard Room involves:

  1. Satellite TV.

  2. Hairdryer.

  3. Mini bar / fridge (mini bar service on request).

  4. House music Channel on TV.

  5. Safety box (no charge).

  6. Air-conditioning / heating (individually adjustable per room)

  7. Bathroom with Bath Tub.

  8. Bathroom amenities.

  9. Balcony or terrace.

  10. Carpet or tile floor.

  11. Double Room indoor space approx.25 m 2.

Finally, I want to say that Porto Marina is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Egypt which has a nature scenery that attract people.This city has much of the entertainment that make people enjoy their time. It also has many kinds of sports, restaurants, rooms and hospitals on the latest level. It has a school for teaching diving and the Mall for shopping. Although I have not visited Porto Marina before, I was enjoying writing about it because it has everything the tourists desire. I am so proud of the existence of such city in our country Egypt. So, I invite all people to come back to Egypt to enjoy this beauty.


I love Egypt

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Come Back To Egypt



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