I'm Eid Ghanayem from Egypt. I'm a student at EL-Hag Hadad secondary school


Egypt has returned to its normal life because its young people want progress and prosperity. We hope to come back to Egypt as is still safe and beautiful. As I'm one of the project members, I'm going to talk about the restaurants in Egypt.

Restaurants in Egypt

In Egypt, as in the rest of the world, restaurants are only as good as the cooks they employ, and cooks seem to be continually changing. It seems that enjoying nice food is one of the pleasures in this world. If you are one of those who like to try different kinds of food, then Egypt is the place .We have a tremendous variety of dishes starting from the oriental fast food like; Foul & Falafel sandwiches, or meat/ chicken shawerma sandwiches, Kousheri, and also, the authentic fine meals like; Molokhoya, okra, stuffed vine leaves, stuffed cabbage, kofta, kebab, also sea food dishes in Egypt has a different style, different taste, we highly recommend going to a good sea food restaurant and try the real taste of barbecued, or fried fish with white rice, shrimps, calamari dishes, etc. to go. Egypt's authentic food & delicious oriental meals are to be in your "Must Try" list when visiting any place in Egypt. When you are in Egypt you will enjoy different kinds of food, desserts at very affordable prices. Most of the restaurants offer good Egyptian meals at very reasonable prices, while other restaurants might be a bit expensive but still you will get something unique to try there. As there are many restaurants in Egypt, I'm going to talk about some of them.

Mo'men Restaurants

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Mo'men is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Cairo, Egypt. Mo'men is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mo'men Group.There are currently 30 Mo'men locations in Egypt covering all of Cairo and Alexandria's cities as well as other locations in the country. Mo'men recently opened locations in Libya, Sudan, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudia Arabia, and Malaysia. Momen serves quality food reasonably priced, Insists on quality raw ingredients, use standard operation procedure and properly maintained equipment to produce quality product Chicken Sandwiches, Beef Sandwiches, Seafood Sandwiches, Meals, Salads and Desserts.

Branches of Mo'men Restaurants in Cairo


Khan EL-Khalili Restaurant

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The main Khan Khalili Restaurant is decorated in thetypical Arabic style of the last century. The tables are skillfully ranged, mirrors and pictures on the walls, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, all this makes dining a very special event. But apart from the main restaurant there are little niches with one or two tables that allow dining in privacy. The menu consists of typical oriental dishes named by the original Arabic names like Chicken Kasbariya, Mossaka, Camuniyya or as a dessert Um Ali. No alcohol is served, but all kind of fresh juices. In the evening oriental life music entertains guests - as does the shoeshiner dressed in a last century outfit during day time. The Khan el Khalili Restaurant was awarded with the golden Cristal for health and safety, by Cristal, a branch of the UK based Check Safety First.


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Flefela Restaurant

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If you know nothing about Egyptian food but are keen to find out, then this is as good a place to start any. The clientele is predominantly foreign, but locals come here as well for the traditional dishes, if not the wacky decor of stuffed animals and Egyptian artifacts. Try a selection of salads and Mezza to start, followed by Kebab or grilled pigeon. Felfela is famous for its fuul (beans) and taamiya, offering dozens of varieties and all served with freshly baked baladi bread. Also notable is its creamy and garlicky baba ghanoug, one of the best in Cairo. Meat is prominent on the menu, but the management has taken care to include a good selection of vegetarian dishes. Try the vegetable casserole or spicy mousakka. For the same great food at a fraction of the price, try the selective menu at Felfela Takeaway around the corner on Talaat Harb Street.

Location of Felfela Restaurant


Lunch at the Felfela Restaurant

These are some of the most famous restaurants in Egypt. You will find everything you wish. Also, their prices are good and services are of high quality. You will enjoy watching wonderful views while having your meal. Have a good day!

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