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I am Esraa El-kady from Egypt(Mother of the World)
I am a first-year secondary school student (1B) at El-Hag Hadad Secondary School. I am interested in reading, following up all sorts of news and the internet because it is useful when I use it in good things like benefitting my country. When my friends (Sosana and Sara) told me about this project, I was excited to join it because I love Egypt more than anything. Also, I want to give the world the correct information about Egypt and I want to tell the world that Egypt is the country of safety and security before and after the revolution.

I will talk about one of the most interesting tourist attractions

in Egypt.

Cairo Tower

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It is nice to be up high in Cairo. It gives one a prospective view of this great city, with it's very modern and very ancient districts. Anyone who has stood a top the Citadel or from the upper floors of some of the taller hotels is aware of the grand views that Cairo offers. One of the best views is from the CairoTower. To the late President Gamal Abdul Nasser, the Cairo Tower was the best place to dine out. He used to go together with his family to dine in the tower’s restaurant. Signatures of all the presidents and various other prominent figures who visited the tower are here in the honoring book and even engraved in the tower's walls keeping unforgettable memories. But such politicians were not the only ones who loved the tower. In fact, one of its first visitors was Hollywood movie star, Katherine Hepburn, even though the tower had somewhat of a rocky footing back then in Egyptian-American politics. It was actually financed with American funds, but was not exactly what the Americans expected Nasser to do with the money. It Completed in 1961 under the direction of Naum Chebib.


The Cairo Tower located on Gezira Island (Zemalak) just north of the Museum of Modern Art.

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It provides a panoramic vision of Cairo.This 187 metre tall tower.It is in the form of a latticework tube that fans out slightly at the top, is said to imitate a lotus plant, and ranks only fourth among the worlds highest towers. It is made of granite, the same material often used by the ancient Egyptians, and is about 45 metres taller than the Great Pyramid at Giza. There is also a cafeteria. Today, the restaurant rotates at an almost unnoticeable speed.
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Best Time To Go:The best time to visit the tower, also known as Borj al-Qahira, is at sunset, when millions of twinkling lights come to life. From here, one can make out on a clear day the easternmost extent of Cairo, where the dark gray buildings run up against the cliff face of the Muqattam Hills. Looking west, the pyramids mark the limits of the city and the start of the desert. Below, the Nile River flows serenely north to the Mediterranean, seeming to slice Cairo in two. To better facilitate the view, there are also telescopes. The Cairo Tower opens every day from 9:00 in the morning until 1:00 the next morning. The whole of Cairo awaits you at the top of the tower.


Last but not least,I hope that I have provided enough information about Cairo Tower and I am sure that you will come back to your favourite country (( Egypt )) to see the Cairo Tower and the other interesting tourist attractions and you will enjoy every minute as usual in Egypt. 





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