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I'm Azhar Youssef Ahmed from Sohag, Egypt. I'm a teacher of English langauge at EL-Hag Hadad Secondary School in Edfa. I'm also a trainer of English language at EL-Kawther INSET centre. Now, I'm working on my PH D in teaching English. I'm interested in reading books, stories, magazines, and newspapers either in print or online. I admire the GIANT that is called the "INTERNET" because it makes my life easier and prettier. I spend most of my time surfing and navigating websites to find more and more about this world. On the other hand, I like my students very much. That's why I do my best to make them happy. This "Wiki" is one way to involve them in this fantastic world.

As a teacher, I don't teach them the lessons required only. During teaching lessons, we talk about many topics that they like. One of them is Egypt and what happened in these days. Thus, we have decided to do something for the mother of the world. Everyone of students selects something to talk about to encourage tourists to come again. For me, I'm going to talk about Karnak Temple as a model. Let's read somthing about it.

Karnak Temple

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Location of the Temple:

Karnak Temple is located in a small ancient village in Egypt called al-Karnak. The village is located on the Nile River’s banks about 2.5 kilometers north from Luxor.

Description of the Temple:

The Karnak Temple is twice as big as the village area and has become the village’s most popular attraction. The area of the temple is an enormous open-air museum, as well as the biggest ancient religious site worldwide. It consists of four main parts, of which only one is accessible for tourists and the general public. This is also the "main" temple part and by far the largest part. One can probably on that basis redefine the term Karnak, as to be understood as being the Precinct of Amon-Re only, as this is the only part most visitors normally see. The three other parts are closed to the public. There are also a few smaller temples and sanctuaries located outside the enclosing walls of the four main parts, as well as several avenues of ram-headed sphinxes connecting the Precinct of Mut, the Precinct of Amon-Re and Luxor Temple.

Why is Karnak Temple Famous?

How To Get There:

Karnak Temple is on the northern edge of the town of Luxor. It is within walking distance from the Corniche, but visitors may prefer to take a taxi or a caleche (horse-drawn carriage) each way from the centre of town.

Opening Hours & Ticket Prices


Sound & Light Show Karnak!

The Karnak Temple is probably Egypt’s one of the most visited sites of historical value, next to the Pyramids of Giza.This may be because it involves many temples, statues and buildings at the same place. While searching for pictures about this temple, these ones below increasingly attract my attention. They mean something different for me. I think that this statue in the middle can be Egypt and these ram-headed sphinxes can be its body guards. This means that Egypt is always protected from enemies and anyone dares to harm it will be destroyed sooner or later. Thus, I invite all the toursits from all over the world to come to Egypt again. It is still safe and attractive. We are waiting for you!

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