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I am Kerolos Marcos. I am a fourth-year primary student in Alnahda Language School in Sohag. I saw my brother Mina when he wrote his topics to help Egypt to be the best. I told him to teach me to make a topic in this wiki. He agreed and now I am happy to do this work. As one of this project members, I'll write about holidays in Egypt.

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Holidays in Egypt

Holidays in Egypt have many classifications. There are a set of public holidays celebrated by the entire population. Since Islam is the state religion, the Islamic holidays are observed by all Egyptians. Christian holidays are not national holidays (except eastern Christmas), however the Christians are permitted to observe these holidays.


National Holidays
The following holidays are celebrated across the country, with the government offices and ministries closed. These holidays are either national secular holidays or important religious holidays.

English Name
January 7
Christmas (Old Calendarists)
Celebrates the nativity of Jesus Christ, according to the Oriental Coptic Orthodox Church (Old calendarist)
January 25
National Police Day
Celebration of the Egyptian National Police
April 25
Sinai Liberation Day
Celebrates the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Sinai Peninsula in 1982.
May 1
Labour Day

July 23
Revolution Day
Celebrates the 1952 Revolution
October 6
Armed Forces Day
Celebrates the crossing of the Suez Canal by Egyptian forces during the October War
Movable Holidays
The following days are public holidays but the date on which each occurs varies, according to its corresponding Coptic or Islamic calendar, and thus has no set date. In order in which they occur:

English Name
Sham El Nessim (Spring festival)
The Monday following Orthodox Easter
Islamic New Year
The first day of the year based on the lunar Islamic calendar (1 Muharram)
Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad
The birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, according to the Sunni account (12 Rabi al-Awwal)
Eid al-Fitr
Breaking of the fast of Ramadan, for three days (1-3 Shawwal)
Eid al-Adha
End of the Hajj and commemoration of the Sacrifice of Abraham, for four days (10-13 Dhu al-Hijjah)
Other Holidays
These holidays are widely celebrated, yet government offices, public institutions and ministries remain open.

English Name
January 1
New Year's Day
The New Year according to the Gregorian calendar
March 3
Sportsmen's day
Celebrates all Egypt's sportsmen
March 21
Mother's Day
Celebrates all mothers
June 18
Evacuation Day ( Eid el-Galaa )
Celebrates the evacuation of foreign troops in 1954
August 15
Flooding of the Nile ( Wafaa Elnil )
Celebrates the beginning of the Nile floods
October 21
Egyptian Naval Day
Celebrates the destruction of Israeli destroyer Eilat in 1967
October 24
Suez Day / Popular Resistance Day
Celebrates the resistance of local citizens in Suez during the October War.
December 23
Victory Day
Celebrates the ending of the Suez Crisis

Now I will talk about three of these holidays:

Sham EL-Nessim

Sham El-Nessim which comes immediately after Easter; so, it always occurs on Monday. Egyptians have been celebrating Sham El-Nessim (or Spring Day) for more than 4500 years. It is called Sham El-Nessim because the harvest season in ancient Egypt was called "Shamo". In Arabic, Sham means smell and El-Nessim means air. In ancient Egypt, Egyptians used to offer salted fish, lettuce and onion to Egyptian deities in this festivity. The same kinds of food are still eaten in Egypt on this day, as a tradition giving the day a special taste. Lettuce represents the feeling of hopefulness at the beginning of spring. As for eggs, they symbolize the renewal of life in this season. Many people dye eggs in delightful colors. It is believed that ancient Egyptians were the first to practice this habit. Salted fishes are also eaten on this day because they symbolize fertility and welfare.

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Colorful Eggs

New Year's Day

New Year's Day is observed on January 1, the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar used in ancient Rome. With most countries using the Gregorian calendar as their main calendar, New Year's Day is the closest thing to being the world's only truly global public holiday, often celebrated with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts.

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Wearing new clothes and dressing up in colorful dresses are a part of the customs followed in Egypt. Giving gifts in various shapes are an important part of the New Year customs in Egypt. The children receive New Year gifts like sweets, which they are fond of. The boys receive a sweet that is in the shape of a boy on horseback. Girls receive gifts shaped in the form of a girl wearing a dress. These gifts are wrapped in colorful papers to make them look attractive.The adults regard the New Year to be a special day for paying visits to friends. One can find the father or the head of the family in certain villages in Egypt wishing each other by going from house to house. This is done and continues till many people are collected. As the number increases they finally go to the Mayor's house to wish him on New Year.

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Mother's Day

March 21, filling of many feasts and holidays, the day of the spring equinox, the start of spring as the flowers bloom and grow trees and birds sing. Also mother’s day , who is known in many countries of the world and has often made gifts for mothers on this day. And also raised the idea on date of Earth which accept all of us although all human diversity. In Egypt, Mothers Day is celebrated on March 21st. Families usually gather for a special celebration and give gifts to their mother to honor her. In Egypt, an “ideal mother” is selected and honored for that year..
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I'm very happy to do this work. I just want to thank my brother for his help and Ms Azhar for accepting me here in this project. I wish to do it again. Dear Tourists, please come and visit Egypt . It is very nice and safe.