Welcome to Egypt

We are Nada, Lubna & Bedoor. We are students at El-Hag Hadad secondary school. We are friends many years ago since we were children. We are interested in using computer. For Nada, she likes playing Karate. For Lubna, she enjoys listening to Music. For Bedoor, she likes swimming. We want to be useful for our country and we desire to help it to be more successful and famous. That 's why we have decided to make a project with our teacher. We are going to talk about Khan EL-Khalili.
Khan EL-khalili

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Invitation to Khan EL-Khalili:

This place is very nice and beautiful. There are many cafes where you can drink Egyptian drinks like coffee, juice, and tea .You can see famous artists .You can make shopping and buy souviners and presents for your friends.You can study this place to know more interesting things about Egypt. You can take photos to keep them as memories. The Egyptian people in this place are friendly. We promise that you will enjoy visiting this wonderful place.

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Inside Khan EL-Khalili:

Today, in addition to shops, there are several coffee houses, restaurants, and street food vendors distributed throughout the market. The coffee shops are generally small and quite traditional, serving Arabic coffee and usually offering shisha. The al-Hussein Mosque is also in Khan el-Khalili; Al-Azhar University and its mosque are not far away. Naguib Mahfouz's novel Midaq Alley (1947) is set in an alley in Khan el-Khalili.


Have A Great Shopping Experience:

Getting a perfect shopping experience during your travel to Cairo is easy task here. Vendors of the utilities in the market tend to be extremely polite in their sales pitches, and allow the visitors to purchase their required stuff in the easiest way possible. If you are purchasing some stuff from the local market, you may expect tea or a cold beverage offered to prospective customers by the vendors as a gift or refreshment. At the market, it’s quite possible to have some great deals on various stuffs. Egypt is already very popular for its leather. Some of the leather goods available at Khan EL-Khalili are made up of high quality material. The market has some specialized shops for Gold and cotton objects and papyrus painted with Pharaonic or other objects too that always asked by the customers.
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Why was it named Khan EL-Khalili? It was named after Prince Jaharkas Al-Khalili, who was one of the powerful Mamluke Princes in the 14th century. Khan EL-Khalili is famous for its unusual, typically oriental souvenirs, and handmade crafts. The Medieval atmospheres of this traditional market, together with the labyrinth layout of the streets, gives visitors a lot of pleasure and a glimpse into what medieval markets once were like.
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You can find the best restaurants at Khan El-khalili and you can find the best food and drinks .You can find the best art.


We hope you enjoy our work. We hope for you to visit Khan El - Khalili and see this nice place. It reflects both the past with its old work and the present with its people and their handmade crafts.