I am Marina Mamdouh in the first secondary year, class 1 A at El ــ Hag hadad secondary school in Edfa, Sohag. I like the Internet because it teaches me alot of things. I enjoy reading about churches in Egypt, so I have decided to talk about the churches in Egypt . There are many of them in Egypt. I will mention some. At first, I invite the tourists to visit Egypt . It is the country of safty and security. It doesn't change. The muslims and christians are still one hand. Now, let's start our journey!

Churches in Egypt

No. 1 Hanging Church


The Hanging Church was built in the 7th century, probably on the site of a 3rd or 4th century church for the soldiers of the bastion. It has been rebuilt several times since then, including a major rebuild under Patriarch Abraham in the 10th century.

By the 11th century, the Hanging Church became the official residence of the Coptic patriarchs of Alexandria and several Coptic synods were held in the church. The main furnishings - the pulpit and screens - date from the 13th century.

Dubbed the Hanging Church, this is one of the oldest Christian places of worship in Egypt. It was built on top of one of the old fortress gatehouse with its nave suspended over the passage. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary and properly known as Sitt Mariam, or St Mary, the Church of Al Muallaqa is also one of Cairo’s most beautiful churches. Just inside the entrance, through a doorway in the walls just south of the Coptic Museum there is an interesting 10th century icon of the Virgin and the Child. The inner courtyard is adorned with icons and the interior of the church, renovated many times over the centuries, is quite beautiful. In the center, standing on 13 slender pillars that represent Christ and his disciples, is a beautiful pulpit which is used only on Palm Sunday every year.

No 2

Simon Church Kharraz


This beautiful Church is called St. Samaan El Kharraz Church. It’s one of Six or seven churches that were discovered inside El Mukaatam Mountain in Egypt. Samaan El Kharraz is the man who with the help of God and the intercession of Virgin Mary helped move El Mukaatam Mountain in Egypt). If you look closely you can see the ramp that leads to the church underground. It’s huge from inside and very deep and can easily seat thousands. The benches in the Church are made of big slaps of polished stone covered with carpets.

No. 3

Monastery of Saint Shenouda


Saint Shenouda’s monasteries are ancient structures of great historical value. The Red Monastery (so named because of the red bricks used to build it) is located in Sohag, in Upper Egypt, three kilometres north of the main monastery. Only the Church of this monastery remains standing today. To the people it was also known as the Monastery of Saint Bishay.

However the monastery usually associated with Saint Shenouda, and named after him, is the White Monastery because it was built using white limestone. This monastery is located west of Sohag, six kilometres from the foot of Mount Atrip (this mountain was named after the Pharaonic city which was located in the area). What survives of the original monastery is only the Basilica style church complex. It had six entrances, with three in the north, south and west walls, and the other three south of the west wall, east of the south wall and east of the north wall. As mentioned earlier, outwardly the church much resembles an ancient Egyptian Temple. The body of the church is now an open courtyard and contains a nave flanked by two isles. To realize the grand style of this 5th century basilica, one needs only to observe the dimension of this open courtyard. It measures 172 feet long by 76 feet wide, of which the nave occupies half that width.

Scenes from Coptic and Greek Orthodox Church in Egypt

I love these churches and I wish to visit one of them that is the Monastery of Saint Shenouda. The image of the pure and holy Virgin Mary, carrying the Child Jesus of his glory attracts my attention. I wish you visit them. I'm sure that you will enjoy watching them.


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