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Jose Antonio Da SilvaTeacher, Brazil
Jose is an English teacher in Brazil. He talked a bout our wiki in a conference as an example of collaboration from all over the world. He liked the way with which we organized the work. He liked the idea of leaving comments from other students and teachers. Thanks Jose for your omments. They extremely encouraged my students.

Svetlana Obenausova
Teacher, Czech Republic

Svetlana was inspired by our Egyptian wiki and she created a wiki for her students in which they can write about their villages and towns where they live. Here is the e-mail that she sent to me :

In the front page of her wiki, she mentioned our wiki as her inspiration ...


CTJ Connected Blog

After completing the 13th Braz-Tesol National Convention last July 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, a group of teachers wrote a summary talking about wikis as an empowering tool for teachers and students. They talk about our wiki as one of the real and authentic examples for finding a space where students can write, collaborate and communicate with other people from all over the world. Thanks for Jose and Carla.
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